Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones

Marshmallow Cones History

Marshmallow Products (Marpro) was founded in 1936 by John V. Arbino, a tailor. During the Great Depression, Mr. Arbino observed that while people did not always have money for tailor-made clothes, they did always seem to have pennies for candy! So, with that in mind, Mr. Arbino bought a beater and started into the marshmallow candy business – making clothes during the day and marshmallow treats at night.  

 He made everything he could think of out of marshmallow and on Saturdays he would load up his car and put his products onto city grocery store shelves on consignment. So long as an item sold, he continued to make it. In January of 1964, the founder was succeeded by his son, Jack. The business continued to grow and prosper.

By the mid-1970’s it was evident that the company’s future was the Marshmallow-Filled Ice Cream Cone. All other items were discontinued as the company modernized its equipment and dedicated its resources to the manufacture of this unique item.

To this day, the formulas and recipes for the marshmallow filling and the cone remain the same as they were 70 years ago and many of the original customers who ate them as kids now enjoy sharing Marshmallow Cones – and their memories – with their grandchildren!

Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones Memories

When I was a kid, my grandmother would buy these incredible marshmallow ice-cream cones for me, my siblings, and 6 cousins. We loved them and would wait all summer long to have them. You see, the only place we could find them was in a small, old, general store in upstate NY where my family rented a bungalow in the summer. She would buy as many as she could each time we visited.

More often than not, we ate them all day and never wanted dinner. It got to the point that the adults would take them and put them up on top of the fridge; and more often than not, we would find them eating them too! They are impossible to resist and I am so glad to have found them! ~ Michele from Virginia

My best friend and I loved these. A woman in the neighborhood who had a son (older than us) used to give these to us ANYTIME we knocked on her door! We were brazen little girls who used to stop by everyday for our Marshmallow Cones. I now think she secretly longed for a little girl and was happy to indulge our obsession. We used to lay on the hill in front of her house, eat our "cones" and watch the clouds. Innocent summer memories… ~Jude from Massachusetts

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