Double Lollies

Double Lollies Memories

28 years ago when I was a kid in upstate New York, we had a little 5&10 shop down on main street. It used to be the destination of choice for my brother and I as we could tour the whole town via bicycle. Once we were inside the 5&10, we were in HEAVEN. Penny candy and nickel candy ruled most kids in those days, but my brother and I were hooked on Lollies.

 We made trips to that store in the afternoon, early evening, early morning, any time of day that we had a few cents and thought we could get some Lollies. In fact on one occasion, we bought the whole jar with some money we make raking the worlds largest yard on the hottest day of the year. Those Lollies never tasted so good.

I thought they were out of business forever, and now my kids think I'm nuts when I talk about them. Boy are they gonna be surprised when I actually get some. ~ Don from Georgia

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