Chicle Chews

Chicle Chew Memories

I remember every Thursday night was shopping night when I was little. I would go into town with my mom and we did the weeks grocery shopping as well as anything else we needed. First stop was always the bank. There it was, over in the corner just waiting for me.

My favorite gum machine with those wonderful little "square" gum balls. I would wait patiently for my mom to hand me that penny and off I'd go. Sometimes she'd give me two or three pennies and I was in heaven. I remember my hand didn't seem big enough to hold them all but I never dropped one. I have to say a number of years have gone by and every time I would see a gum machine I'd look for my little "square" gum balls. Seems they were hard to find. Well, just 2 days ago my husband bought me that gum machine. It's in our game room now and I can have my little "square" gum balls anytime I want. I wonder if my mom has any extra pennies. ~ Denise from Pennsylvania

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