Preschool Turkey

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This easy cut and paste craft is perfect for your little pre-school age turkeys! Simple set up and they are able to personalize it how they want it. 

There is minimal cutting on this craft, so ideally you could do all the cutting ahead of time.


Gathering List:

  • Candy Corn
  • 3-4 different colored papers.
  • Glue


This could really be done with any age child, we think that it is a fairly simple craft that the young ones would enjoy. Before starting the glueing we recommend cutting all of your pieces parts for assembly.

  • It’s kind of difficult to see in the picture but there is a piece of paper for the fan of feathers behind the turkey. Cut and glue that oval first.
  • Secondly, probably the most difficult part of this project, cut the turkey’s body, neck and head. This is all one piece  and make take a bit of imagination.
  • The feet and eyes are next! Just something simple for this step. Dont’ forget that the turkey needs a beak and wattle!
  • After all the paper is cut, it’s time for the kiddos to start glueing. Depending on the age of the kids you can glue all of the paper or you can let them. Totally up to you!
  • Lastly it’s time for the candy corn. I put ours  on in a pretty straight line. You could do them more staggered or do multiple rows. This is part of the ‘make it your own’ feel of the project.


Don’t forget to have the kiddos sign and date the back to create a treasured memento!


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