The Only New Year's Resolution You Need To Make

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What New Year's resolutions will you make when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st?

For some, the turn of the new year is an opportunity to try something new—like find an interesting hobby or explore a place you’ve never been before. For others, it’s a chance to reset and revitalize yourself before taking on a new year. And for many, including myself, it’s a chance to eat a little better than you did the year before. 

Now I don’t know about you, but there’s one thing I’ve realized over the last few years about this “eating better” resolution—it’s not always easy. That’s why I took a little bit of a different approach to this resolution, and I think all of you candy lovers are going to like it. 

Here is my New Year’s resolution—I promise to eat more candy. 

There, I said it. 

I am going to eat more candy in the coming year. 

Now repeat after me…

“We are going to eat more candy” 

Jokes aside, I realized something this year when I was writing down my New Year’s resolutions—they aren’t that sweet. 

Think about it, when was the last time you asked someone about their New Year's resolution and they were actually excited about it? I mean, what fun is cutting back on all the things you love to eat? To me, that takes the sweetness out of everyday life and that’s just plain wrong. 

So that’s why I decided to flip the script on New Year's resolutions this year and go with something I know will make the new year sweeter than all the years before it—and I think you should join me on this journey. 

On this trip around the sun, I am going to dedicate one day a week to grab a new piece of candy that will add some extra sweetness to life. Whether it be a new piece of candy I have never tried or a childhood classic that takes me back to the good old days, the mission is to improve the overall sweetness of life by tapping into something we all know and love—candy! 

Here’s how it’s all going down… 

1. Pick a candy category for each month. 


Instead of arbitrarily picking candies each week, make a plan around what candy category you’re going to consume each month. This will encourage you to explore some variety within a specific type or flavor of candy so you can get the entire sweet experience. 

For example, in the month of January, I’m solely focused on Peanut Butter candy. Why you may ask? Because peanut butter is one of my favorite candy combinations and what better way to start off this resolution than with a personal favorite. 

Moving into February, my focus is going to shift over to caramel where I will be dabbling in some sweet treats I’ve never tried before like Slo Pokes and Milk Maid Royals. 

Whatever you choose for your category is entirely up to you, I encourage you to explore and have some fun with each month!

2. Take time out of your schedule to snack on your sweets.

The idea behind this resolution is not to consume as much candy as possible throughout the year—that could lead to a seriously big bill from your dentist and an even bigger tummy ache. Rather, the purpose of this adventure is to tap back into the sweet parts of everyday life that most of us miss out on when we’re busy. 

Time passes quickly, and sometimes we need to take a step back and taste the sweetness of life before we keep going forward. 

This little resolution is going to help all of us do just that. By dedicating a few moments of one day during the week to sit back with your candy, reflect on the day, and enjoy the taste, we can be reminded of how sweet life can really be.

Think of it like confectionary meditation that sweetens the soul. 

3. Document your candy resolutions each week.

The best part of New Year's resolutions is the journey. But most of the time while we are on that journey, we tend to miss out on the milestones that happen along the way. Why? Well, as we all know life is busy and it’s hard to pay attention to it all. 

That’s where a journal comes into play. 

The journal holds the evidence of this adventure and reminds you of where you’ve been up to this point. It’s where the journey is documented and stored for future reflection and reference. 

Whether it be a written journal you keep on hand, a collection of pictures of the candy you ate, or even videos of your sweet snacking sessions, documenting this process is something you’re not going to want to miss out on. 

I’ve decided to go the photo journal route where I will be taking pictures each week of the candy I consume along with a short note about my experience snacking on it. The hope is that when my 52 weeks are up, we’ll have ourselves an awesome candy collage that shows all the sweets consumed in a single year. 

I can tell you from personal experience, nothing is quite like going back to an old journal entry and reading about an amazing day that you had in the past. Just like the first bite of your favorite childhood candy, it can trigger emotions that bring the best out in you and make you feel great. 

Will you accept this New Year's resolution?

Why not make 2023 the sweetest year of your life? While consuming candy might seem like a strange way to stay true to your New Year's resolution, I think you’ll be surprised at what happens. There’s something truly magical about candy that can capture your attention and create memories that will last you a lifetime. 

Happy New Year!

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