5 Ways To Celebrate National Candy Month

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How are you celebrating National Candy Month? 

The best month of the entire year is here and we want to know how you’re celebrating. If you haven’t indulged yet, do yourself a favor and check out these 5 Ways to Celebrate National Candy Month right now!

Willy Wonka Movie Screenshot

Have A Candy Movie Night

Everyone loves a movie night, but you know what makes it better? All of your favorite candy paired with some of the best movies featuring iconic candy! We’re talking about Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, ET, The Goonies, The Breakfast Club, and of course Caddyshack. All of these films feature famous candy like ET’s love for Reese’s Pieces, Sloth and Chunk’s devotion to Baby Ruth, and Allison Reynold's crazy sandwich concoction featuring Pixie Stix. Before you queue up your favorite candy flick, do yourself a solid and grab all the candy you need or even a Movie Theatre Gift Bucket and settle in for a night filled with sweet treats and movies.

OldTimeCandy.com Decade Gift Box

Send Your Family & Best Friends Candy

Have you ever received an anonymous gift before? It’s like being a kid on Christmas again—you’re not sure what’s inside the box, but you know it will be something sweet. Well, this is your chance to do the same for someone you love or that friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Gifting candy is easy when you do it with us, and you can even customize a hand-written message to the recipient telling them just how much you love them and are looking out for their sweet tooth. Choose from thousands of sweet treats or take your candy gifting to another level by sending them a Decade Gift Box stuffed with 2 or 4 pounds of all the candy from a specific decade!

Assorted Mini Candy

Put Together A Candy Potluck

Who said you can’t have a candy potluck party? Instead of opting for appetizers and snacks, make this candy party all about confections. Gather up your closest friends, neighbors, or co-workers and celebrate National Candy Month with everyone’s favorite treat. The more you invite, the more sweets to go around, and best believe you’ll be stocked up on candy that you can take home for a late-night snack!

M&M Candy Art

Source: pinterest.com

Make Some Sweet Candy Art

We’ve been spending a lot of time on TikTok lately and discovered a candy trend that we’ve never seen before. People are taking M&M’s or Skittles and arranging them on a plate or tray in a patterned color order. Then they’re simply taking hot water and pouring it into the middle of the platter to create a psychedelic candy art piece that would make Picasso jealous. We’ve yet to try this one ourselves but think it’s the perfect way to take your candy obsession and mix it with some creativity. Check it out for yourself!

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Source: hellolittlehome.com

Have An Ice Cream Sundae Contest

Since it’s summertime, we wanted to give you some ideas for cooling down on a hot day, while still satisfying your sweet tooth. One of them is an ice cream sundae contest. The first step is to head over to your local grocery store and grab a gallon of some sweet, cold ice cream. Then hop into our candy aisles and grab all of your favorite confections for toppings. From there the task is simple, make the most chaotic, candy-filled ice cream sundae you can imagine. Whether you have a judge or not, one thing is for sure, you’re going to cool down nicely and keep that sweet tooth very happy. 

Celebrate National Candy Month The Sweet Way 

We hope you are enjoying this month of sweetness just as much as we are. If you’re finding yourself a little short on sugar, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Head over to our candy aisles and grab all of your favorite confections and we’ll ship them straight to your front door! 

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