5 Caramel Desserts You Should Bring To The Holiday Party

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What was the last dessert you brought to a holiday party? 

If it was something bought from the grocery store, I’m not going to lie when I say I am disappointed. We should all know this by now—the best desserts are made at home, not scanned at the checkout counter. 

Instead of settling for another cinnamon pound cake from the bakery or a collection of holiday sugar cookies that will put you in a food coma, why not make something a little more fun and flavorful? 

While Christmas cookies might be your initial go-to, let’s think outside the box—maybe think a little more sweet and sticky. We’ve been talking about caramel the last few weeks and it felt only fitting that we continue the trend and give you 5 caramel dessert recipes you can bring to the next holiday party. 

If you’re ready to be the talk of the dessert table, grab a notebook, and let’s dive right into these 5 delectable caramel desserts. 

1. Brown Butter Caramel Blondies

These aren’t quite the same as the ones you’re going to find at the local bakery or in the grocery store—they’re better! These Brown Butter Caramel Blondies are the perfect mix of sweet with a little bit of salty to deliver a seriously savory treat. I swear, this will send your taste buds into a tumble of holiday cheer when you bite into them.

This recipe from Southern Living walks you through the process of making the salted caramel sauce that drizzles over the top of this dish or gives you alternatives in case you’re short on time or want to substitute other ingredients into the blondies.

2. Classic Caramel Peanut Brittle 

If you’re not stuffing your mouth with some peanut brittle during the holiday party, are you really celebrating? Caramel Peanut Brittle has been and will always be a staple of holiday treats, especially around Christmas time. There’s just something about that hard crunch paired with the creamy texture of the peanuts and caramel that cannot be beaten. 

This recipe from Tastes Better From Scratch has everything you need in it to make the perfect batch of peanut brittle. Now if you want to take it to another level, may I suggest melting down a few extra Mrs. Werther’s into your caramel sauce to make it taste even more homemade.

3. Caramel Apple Cake

In case you missed it, I dropped the best caramel apple recipe in the world on readers a few weeks ago, (check it out right here). If you’re a fan of the classic caramel apple, allow me to introduce you to a tasty twist that everyone at your party will love.

Please give a round of applause for the Caramel Apple Cake—yes, you read that right, a caramel apple cake. 

This thing is the incredible combination of two desserts mixed into one to deliver what might be one of the most unique and flavorful treats ever brought to a holiday party. Don’t knock this one until you try it because I promise, this could take the cake for best dessert around.

Grab the recipe and try it for yourself by clicking right here.

4. Caramel Ginger Cookies 

Going the cookie route for a holiday party is always a safe play—people love cookies, they’re easy to make, and they can be done in bulk. But if you’re anything like me, going for the classic Christmas flavors like snickerdoodle and butterscotch just doesn’t tickle my taste buds the way they used to. 

That’s when I found this Caramel Ginger Cookie recipe that will make those taste buds dance throughout your mouth. These cookies are soft-baked gingerbread on the outside and then stuffed in the middle with a caramel candy—talk about some sweet flavor right there! 

Grab this recipe for yourself by clicking right here

5. Oatmeal Caramel Cream Pies 

You’ve probably had yourself an oatmeal cream pie at some point in your lifetime. If not, I highly suggest heading over to your local supermarket and grabbing the ingredients for this Oatmeal Caramel Cream Pie recipe so you can bask in the glory of this delicious dessert.

The cream pie is a perfect blend of two soft oatmeal cookies filled with a creamy middle that oozes out the sides when you bite into it. Most of the time this filling is a simple vanilla cream, but in this recipe, we’re changing it up and packing these cookies with a salted caramel cream filling! 

If you’re really feeling bold, you can also add some extra caramel drizzle to the top of these cream pies and make them even better! 

Find the ingredients for this entire recipe right here

Holiday desserts just got a lot more delectable. 

What are you waiting for? These recipes are calling your name! Grab the one that looks the tastiest to you, head over to the store, snatch up the ingredients, and get to cooking!

I promise, you bring one of these desserts to your next holiday party and the people will be begging you to bring a dessert to every event. 

And if you’re in need of some caramel candy to compliment any of these recipes, check out our caramel candy aisle by clicking right here.

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