12 Days of “Craft-Mas” – Day 4 – Baking With Candy

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In celebration of National Cookie Day we’re including cookies and cupcakes.  There are so many different ways to decorate bakery with candy!


Cookies were first documented as early as 7th century AD in Persia then spread through Europe. By the 14th century they had spread through Europe and become deliciously popular within the royal level of society all the way through street vendors.  We here are OldTimeCandy.com love all cookies;  homemade, store bought, broken, or free!


For our sugar cookies, we used the Ethel’s Sugar Cookie Recipe from Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book. We found a very cute article with the recipe. The recipe can be found at lovefeasttable.com


When baking with candy you can use pretty much anything.  You could use small candies, candy sprinkles, chopped candy, the possibilities are endless!


For our treats we used Candy Toppings – Noel Mix Sprinkles and Candy Pearls.


For more ideas, check out the baking with candy board on our Pinterest page! 

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