Whatchamacallit - 1.6 oz

Whatchamacallit - 1.6 oz


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Product Details

Whatchamacallit is a peanut-flavored crisp and caramel bar covered in milk chocolate. Caramel was added to the flavor in 1987.
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Candy Memories

My parents were sort of hippies, well as much of a hippy as you could be back in the 50's. they always used a lot of slang when I was growing up like thing-a-ma-jig, doo-dad, etc.
One day when I had went to the store I just stopped cold in my tracks. On a shelf was a candy bar called "Whatchamacallit". I thought my parents had created a candy bar! They always used that phrase around the house and I never heard anyone else say it. I grabbed up a handful and rushed home to scold my parents for not telling me about their candy bar.
On the way home I opened one and gobbled it down, then another and then another and by the time I got home my Whatchamacallits were all gone. I showed my parents the wrappers and asked them why they would keep such a yummy thing from me. They promptly explained that they had nothing to do with it and that indeed, other people talked like them. Even though my parents did not invent the Whatchamacallit, it was and still is my favorite candy bar. Eldon from Missouri

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Lisa



Love this, great candy bar


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