Zagnut - 1.75 oz bar

Zagnut - 1.75 oz bar

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Zagnut has been a great tasting candy bar for nearly 75 years. The unique combination of crunchy peanut butter covered in rich toasted coconut is one of a kind.
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Candy Memories

I have a story about Zagnuts. My older brother and I would go to the movies in northern Minnesota on Saturday afternoons during the long cold winters. Mom would give us enough money to each get a candy bar. My brother would always punch me to get half of my candy bar. I started buying Mounds or Almond Joys so at least he would not take a huge bite out of my bar.
One time I was at the candy counter and I saw this new bar - Zagnuts. I bought it and returned to my seat. As usual my brother started to pound on my shoulder to get "his" half. I handed it to him. He took a huge bite and then spit it out on the floor. "That's awful." He hit me a couple more times and then left me alone. From that moment on all I ever bought were Zagnuts. Since then I have craved Zagnuts. Craig from Minnesota
A newly unwrapped Zagnut bar is the closest I'll ever get to a time machine. Tear open the package and the first bite of roasted coconut and peanuts sends me. A childhood of Friday trips to the corner pharmacy to get a Zagnut bar, comic book and a bottle of Nehi. Sitting down in the shade of my favorite maple, reading until twilight, wiping my sticky fingers on fallen leaves. When Zagnuts disappeared from checkout lanes I was unfazed at the time and my memory of it faded with time. When I received a gift box from Old Time Candy as a present and saw the similar red-orange wrapper of my youth, a big goofy grin was plastered on my face. A lot of things change but Candy is eternal. Benjamin from Florida

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Carol Winship


Zagnut favorite

Zagnut was my favorite many, many years ago and still is. Love the taffy and the squirrel nuts too. Old time candy is the best.


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