Wax Syrup Sticks

Wax Syrup Sticks Memories

When I was a kid growing up in Mckeesport Pennsylvania we had several penny candy stores near where we lived. When we got a quarter from the tooth fairy or for running an errand we always went to one of them. [continued below]

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[continued from above] We would put the quarter on the glass counter and the owner would get a small brown paper bag for each of us. We would get one of this and another of that from the bins until the bag was filled with our sweet treasures.

One of my favorite items was the wax syrup sticks. They were two for a penny and I would always get one of each flavor. After biting off the top I would drink the liquid and then chew the wax for hours. However we discovered something else we could do with the empty wax sticks. We would write messages on the sidewalk with them. When these messages were first written they were invisible, but after several days the wax would turn black and become readable before eventually fading away. My friends and I were always leaving "secret" messages for each other that could only be read at a later time. What fun, and what wonderful memories. ~Terry from Washington