Mexican Hats Candy

Mexican Hats Candy History

Mexican Hats were introduced by the Heide Candy Company around 1925. At first the candy was called "Wetem and Wearem." They were hat-shaped pieces that were intended to be wetted by children and then affixed to the forehead. The name was changed to Mexican Hats in the 1930s when the candy was packed in bulk.

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Mexican Hats Candy Memories

I remember going three blocks to a tiny candy store downstairs of an apartment building in my neighborhood with 10 or 15 cents of saved up money and I could hardly wait to buy a bag of penny candy. Mexican hats were two for one penny and I loved them so much. Of all the good flavors they came in, my favorite was orange and red ones but I also loved the black ones. I never shared my candy with anyone. I ate all my delicious Mexican hats myself.

Now I am grownup and I still love to eat penny candy especially Mexican hats which, by the way, still taste as good they did in the 1950s. I love to go back to memories when I chew a Mexican hat candy now. I am sad we cannot go to our favorite candy store now again and I think children nowadays miss something by not going to a favorite penny candy store for a bag of penny candy. ~ Marjorie from Minnesota

In the 1960's, My neighborhood elementary school was directly across the street from a candy store (can you believe that?? - sweet!). I would visit the store on my way home from school in the afternoon, usually twice a week, before Hebrew school. We were allowed to bring snacks to Hebrew school, so Mexican Hats were always on my list to get! I can still purchase them at a nearby store, only they are now sold by the POUND! I usually bought 5 or 10 cents worth. That usually amounted to a handful. They were much chewier back then. ~Jill from New York

When I was a little girl, me and my sisters used to take pop bottles back to the corner store and turn them in for a few cents and would buy the penny candy. One of my favorites were the mexican hats. At that time they were 2 for a penny. I guess I am giving away my age! Those were the days, walking to the Red and White corner store to buy penny candy. ~JoAnne from Ohio