Jordan Almonds

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Jordan Almonds Memories

I loved Jordan Almonds as a child. We didn't get them often but when we did I couldn't leave them alone till they were all gone. Of course they were shared with the rest of the family but I think I ate more than the others did.

I can remember when I was ten year old going to the drive-in movies one Saturday night with my parents and brother. Mother brought the Jordan Almonds. Well I fell asleep with one in my mouth and when we arrived home after the movies the almond was in my cheek between there and my teeth. The candy coating had melted and the almond was still there. I ate the almond as I was getting ready for bed. I still love almonds but especially "Jordan Almonds" I still think about this every time I see them. ~Donna from Florida

I love Jordan Almonds. One year when I was in my late teens and at home for Christmas, I read my gift books, one of which was "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" while lying on the shag carpet and devouring Jordan Almonds. It was a great story for me at the time and the candy made for a very pleasant memory. ~Marie from Idaho