Dots Candy Memories

Dots!! Wow!! This was the first candy I ever remember trying as a child. My family and I went to the movies to watch Star Wars. I devoured a whole box before Hans Solo was introduced in the movie. After the movie I remember my Dad buying one more box for the ride home. [continued below]

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Dots Mason Box

[continued from above] I just love the texture and the burst of flavor from each one. My favorite was to eat a yellow and green at the same time. My wife to this day makes fun of me for my candy choice. I still purchase Dots from time to time at our local grocery store. With all the new candies on the market, Dots is the one I continue to buy. I can never grow tired of the great candy. Every time I eat Dots I think of the "Force". ~ Simon from Tennessee

I am a baby boomer and remember with great fondness my love of Dots, especially the licorice ones. My grandfather used to work as a janitor on Saturdays at the local movie theatre in my small hometown in Southwestern Michigan. I would often go with him and while he was cleaning up, I would be going through the isles looking for unopened boxes of candy. When I would go to the movies, boxes of Dots were a nickel and I could never get enough. I'm still that happy kid in my mind and I still love my Dots. It's so wonderful to know that I can still find my favorite candy 50+ years later. ~Malissia for Michigan