Bobs Mint Balls

Bobs Mint Balls are individually-wrapped, peppermint balls that are roughly 3/4 inches in diameter. Sweet Stripe mint balls are soft and have a dull surface. If you are looking for a hard mint ball try the regular Bobs Mint Balls which have a shiny surface.

Bobs Mint Balls History

For more than 80 years, Bobs® Candies of Albany, GA has been filling grandparents’ candy jars and Christmas stockings with their sweet confections. Bobs candies have played a part in making lasting memories for generations of Americans. [continued below]

[continued from aboe] Bobs Peppermint Sticks and Sugar Puffs have long been favorites of kids of all ages. It all began in 1918. World War I had just ended and young Lt. Bob McCormack decided to pursue his dream of starting a candy plant. In the early years, Lt. McCormack served as salesman, bookkeeper and plant manager. Before long, his knowledge of the candy field became such that men in all phases of the confectionery business sought his advice.

From the beginning the company earned a reputation for being an innovative leader in the candy industry. In the 1920s, Bobs was the first candy manufacturer to wrap candy in a new transparent paper…cellophane. By the 1950s, Bobs was using the first ever machine to automatically make stick candy. The machine was developed and patented by Lt. McCormack’s brother-in-law Gregory Keller, a Catholic priest. Later, Bobs began using patented box and case designs for safe candy shipment.

Today, Bobs is an acknowledged leader in confections and the largest producer of candy canes in the world. The brand is owned and manufactured by the Ferrara Candy Company.