Valomilk - 2 oz pkg - box of 24 packages

Valomilk - 2 oz pkg - box of 24 packages

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Product Details

Valomilk is the original "Flowing Center" candy cup. Each package has two milk chocolate cups with a creamy marshmallow center.
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Sifer's Candy

Candy Memories

I didn't discover Valomilk until I was a teenager (which began too many years ago to mention), but my parents probably wouldn't have allowed me to eat them as a kid. They can be as messy as they are delicious. I didn't dare buy them in bulk, since they would have disappeared in a flash, so every day I walked a few blocks to the store and purchased just one. If it was a warm day I had to eat it in the air conditioned store - going out in the desert heat would have risked losing some of the gooey, yummy marshmallow cream filling, not to mention coating my hands and face with melting chocolate. Today I've (mostly) developed enough control so that I can buy them by the box, and my co-workers will occasionally catch me with sticky fingers and a chocolate grin. Karen from Washington
My sister and I are 7 years apart, but one thing we shared in common as kids in the 60's was Valomilks!! It was our "must have" favorite candy. I remember the cardboard circles that came packed in the candy, when you saved up enough and sent them in, a few weeks later pure joy arrived in the mail, a cardboard tube of Valomilks! As soon as our free Valomilks arrived, we stuck the tube in the freezer for at least a day. The waiting was torture, but when we bit into those frozen delights and held that bite to let it melt in your mouth, well, I can't describe how wonderful it was!! Garnet from Idaho
Loved biting in to a Valomilk and then take a drink of Coke. It fizzed and filled up my mouth. Kava from Texas

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