Thin Ribbon Candy - 4 oz box peppermint

Thin Ribbon Candy - 4 oz box peppermint


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Product Details

Sevigny's is the thin ribbon candy you remember. Each strip measures 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. It's one of our favorite Christmas candies.
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Candy Memories

From as early as I can remember, my grandmother always had pretty scrolled glass candy dishes filled with brightly colored ribbon candies set out on the coffee table at her house. As children, we looked forward to visiting, because somehow she managed to find them year round and we knew when we got there we could choose one of our favorite flavors. I always preferred the spearmint. My brothers and sisters liked the cinnamon, but they were too hot for my taste. More spearmint for me! Grandma passed several years ago, but at 60+ yrs of age, I still keep Ribbon Candies on hand to remind me of her and our visits to grandma's house. Joann from Florida
Every year when I was little, our church had a Christmas Program. After it was over, Santa would come in and he had brown sacks for each of us kids. In each sack, we received an orange, an apple, nuts, Ribbon Candy and Orange Slice Candy! I can still remember how it smelled opening up my bag of treats! Oh the excitement and what great memories! Sandy from Oklahoma
My grandma's glass dish full of ribbon candy and was still in the candy dish come August!!! You chisled the pieces along with the Circus Peanuts and Lemon Drops!!! TRUE story. GREAT memory though!! Lisa from South Dakota

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All gone! SEND MORE!!!!!


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