Tart n' Tinys pack

Tart n' Tinys - 1.5 oz pack


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Product Details

Tart n' Tinys are small, fruit-flavored candies that come in five colors, bluish-purple (grape), yellow (lemon), orange (orange), red (cherry), and green (lime). They have the texture of a Sweetart or Smartie.
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Leaf Brand

Candy Memories

I remember sitting in my room separating them by color before I ate them. Sometimes I would get a few bags and some straws, separate them by flavors then fill up each straw with a different flavor and just drop them in my mouth one at a time until they were all gone. Makes me want to do that again. Charlie from Florida
It is a silly memory, but I had a tiny tea set and used the little candy in the teacups and saucers for imaginary tea parties with little stuffed animals. Carole from Massachusetts
They are great - Reminds me so much of when I was a kid and we would eat Kool Aid right out of the package - Couldn't get enough! - same now w/ Tart &Tinys and you don't have to lick the powder off your hands. Joe from Georgia

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Charlie


One of my favorites

OMG, now THIS takes me back 30 years to me sitting in my room as a kid separating them by color to then eat them. Anyone that like candy with a tart snap will love these. I have my daughter hooked on these now and she made me order more with my latest order.


Ratings & Reviews

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