Bulk Sweetarts Twist Wrap

Sweetarts Twist Wrap - Bulk

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Sweetarts Twist Wrap - 1 piece
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Sweetarts Twist Wrap - 2 lb bulk bag (120 ct)
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Sweetarts Twist Wrap - 5 lb bulk bag (300 ct)
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Sweetarts Twist Wrap - 30 lb bulk case (1800 ct)

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Product Details

SweeTarts will tweak your taste buds with a tart and tangy, mouth-puckering taste. Bite em... you'll see. They're sweet no they're tart. They can't make up their mind! Each wrapped roll has 13 individual pieces. Bulk candy counts are approximated.
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Additional Information

Nutritional Information:

Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Malic Acid, And Less Than 2% Of Calcium Stearate, Natural Flavors, Blue 1 Lake, Blue 2 Lake, Red 40 Lake, Yellow 5 Lake, Yellow 6 Lake.


May Contain Egg. Important: Young Children (Less Than 4 Years) Have Limited Chewing Ability And Could Choke On Small Candies.


Bulk Sweetart Twist Wrap

Candy Memories

We loved getting these candies so we could pretend they were medicine pills. We could be like the adults and take 'aspirins'. They didn't last long but we had fun. KayRon from Texas
I will never forget the first time I had a blue Sweetart. They had always been my favorite candy which is why my mother included them in a snack pack for me to take on my 5th grade bus trip to Chicago. It was also the first time I had seen Sweetarts wrapped in the small Smartie-like rolls. Punchy, the Hawaiian Punch mascot, was on the front of the bag. I remember thinking they were the best things ever! To this day, some 25+ years later I still think of sitting on that bus sharing them with my best friend every time I eat one. Leah from Indiana

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