Sweetarts - 5 oz theater box

Sweetarts - 5 oz theater box

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SweeTarts will tweak your taste buds with a tart and tangy, mouth-puckering taste. Bite 'em... you'll see. They're sweet, no they're tart. They can't make up their mind!
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Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

Growing up in Philadelphia, Halloween was something special. I'd go from door to door simply by jumping over the porch railing to the next "Row Home". Entire blocks of twenty to thirty houses could be tricked and treated in a matter of minutes. The haul was so good that after my family moved to New Jersey, we'd still go back to the old neighborhood on October 31st just for the sheer amount of sugar.
I'm not sure why, but SweeTarts seemed to be in no short supply in the early Seventies. (my goodness, has it really been thirty five years?) So much so that at Six A.M. one Saturday morning in early November, while watching cartoons, I decided to unwrap all of the SweeTarts and put them in a big yellow plastic bowl. (my mother used to host Tupperware parties) Man, that was a lot of SweeTarts, at least an inch and a half deep. But after the third or fourth installment of School House Rock, maybe an hour and a half later, the pile wasn't nearly that impressive.
To remedy this situation called for some quick thinking, so I started untwisting all of my Smartie's into the mix, followed by Bottlecaps, and for a little spice, all of the stubby little nickel Necco Wafer sleeves as well.
I came to refer to this mixture as "David's SweeTart Salad" (always in big, neon letters in my mind), and event though it had a lot of other complimentary candy wafers, SweeTarts were the staple of this sugary assortment. It became a Halloween tradition, to me at least, somewhat along the lines of biting off my chocolate bunny's ears and filling him full of Jelly Beans every Easter. David from New York
My family would spend every weekend at my grandparents cabin in New Hampshire. Before we would head out we would run to the local drugstore right down the road and buy one package of sweet tarts. They were 5 cents for the package and they came in a foil package whether it was purple, red, or multi flavors. Loved those sweet tarts. To this day I have tried to find them packaged that way. Molly from Kentucky

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