Sweetarts - 1.8 oz roll - box of 36

Sweetarts - 1.8 oz roll - box of 36

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SweeTarts will tweak your taste buds with a tart and tangy, mouth-puckering taste. Bite 'em... you'll see. They're sweet, no they're tart. They can't make up their mind!
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Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

When I was a little kid, My Great-Grand mother was a person that I spent all my time with. My cousins, all around the same age as me, would go over and play store, house, school, pretty much anything you can imagine at her house. Being a grandmother, she was always looking for ways to make us smile, giggle and laugh. Every time one of us was sad or if we did something good (like helping her clear dishes, cleaning up after we were done playing, sharing, etc.) she would reach into her purse, pull out a sweetart and say "Thank you for being such a sweetheart, my little sweetart."
When we received the sweetart, we would giggle with delightment, for our parents giving us candy wasn't something that happened too often. When my cousins and I were growing up and just learning how to read, she would praise us after reading a book to her, but giving us a sweetart. My great-grand mother isn't alive anymore... passing away from cancer a few years back, but I'll never forget how much of a Sweetart... err, I mean SweetHEART, she was to me. Kristy from Pennsylvania
I was in the 5th grade and it was around Valentines Day, and a boy I had a huge crush on didn't give me a Valentine, so on my way home I cried about it, My dad just happened to be coming home from work and stopped to pick me up, he asked what was wrong, I told him and he told me that the boy was not worth the tears, so on our way home, we stopped at the local mom and pop store , he came out with a box of Sweetarts and told me that no matter what I would always be his Valentine, I miss my dad he always could make me smile Laura from Florida

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