Giant Chewy Sweetarts

Sweetarts - Giant Chewy - 1.5 oz pkg

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Product Details

Giant chewy version of the original SweeTarts that will tweak your taste buds with a tart and tangy, mouth-puckering taste. Try 'em... you'll see. They're sweet, no they're tart. They can't make up their mind!
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Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

When I was a kid we had a small store about a mile from our house. Ever afternoon in the summer all the kids in the neighborhood would get together and walk to the store to buy our favorite treats. I had many favorites, but I never left without giant SweeTarts and a big Charms pop. Miriam from Georgia
Getting to go to the grocery store with my Granddaddy when I was little was always a chance to get a Big Sweet Tart as a treat. I cherish this memory because we lost him when I was just 14 years old. Jackie from Georgia
In the early 1980's we had moved to the big city of Boise Idaho from a small rural town back east. There were five of us girls ages 5 to 13. I was next to the oldest and I had my first paying job as a babysitter to my neighbors kids. I recall taking my cash and saving half while taking half down to the neighborhood 7-11 where I could buy a Jolly Rancher for a penny, a box of big Everlasting Gobstoppers, or my all time favorite, Nerds... But then one day I decided to try a package of the large hard yet chewy Sweet tarts. Oh my, they were a taste experience. I recall slapping the package against the cement or on a kitchen counter to break into many little pieces to share and savor with my little sisters. They were very sour, especially the green apple flavor. And the chewy texture made them last a long time. The tartness however, made your mouth water so much that each morsel melted quicker than you might like. You hoped that flavor would last forever. I'm 47 now, and still much prefer sour candy to any other kind.. Felicity from Idaho

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