Swedish Fish - wrapped strawberry - box of 240

Swedish Fish - wrapped strawberry - box of 240


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Product Details

Individually wrapped Swedish Fish are soft and chewy fish-shaped candies with a strawberry flavor.
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Candy Memories

When I was a kid, we always used to walk to this little candy store to get candy. They had jars and jars of different candy, but the one I always made sure to get was Swedish fish. This was because my great-grandma got me hooked on them, and so every time I ate them, I thought of her. It was great to be able to get a bag of them and remember all the fun times were used to have together. Kimberly from Oregon
In our small town of two stop lights there used to sit an old three-story Hardware, and inside this Hardware, they sold Penny Candy. Swedish Fish, Tootsie Rolls, root beer barrels, and so much more! They were all organized in individual glass jars. Every Saturday my cousins and aunts and I would go to Grandma's house. And it was the cat's meow when Grandma would give you a dime! You could walk to the hardware and get Penny Candy! We're talking about 10 pieces of candy and for a five year old that is amazing! There's nothing like feeling your hand go into one of those glass jars amongst all that candy! Fast-forwarding into the future, my husband and I have purchased the old hardware and we are going to make it a coffee shop. But the greatest thing is, everyone in town asking if we are going to bring back penny candy and guess what, we are! Betsy from Ohio
We use to go to doctor's apoointments with mom and dad when we were little, and there was a little store around the corner that had loose red fish-- they would put them in little brown paper bags for us, that was like Christmas morning!! Regina from Virginia

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Posted by: carl horton


Swedish Fish

love this candy this candy is very good


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