Swedish Fish - wrapped strawberry - 1 piece

Swedish Fish - wrapped strawberry - 1 piece

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Product Details

Individually wrapped Swedish Fish are soft and chewy fish-shaped candies with a strawberry flavor.
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Mondelez Global

Candy Memories

When I got a quarter for allowance, and I would walk my brother up to the little store on the corner. The shopclerk knew us by name. I would buy us both a quarters worth of "fishies". We had a tiny paper bag full of them. I was so proud I could buy my brother something. These were the days of innocence. And to this day, still my favorite. When I have one, Im right back to 10 years old. Im 44 now. Thanks for letting me share. Victoria from New York
My grandfather walking me down the street - which seemed like ages but it was less than two blocks - to Pete's Market, where he bought me candy cigarettes and sometimes Swedish fish. What a great treat and special times together! Paul from Delaware
Once an hour, on the hour, at our swim club many years ago, they would have an "adult swim". When the whistle would blow, all the kids would scurry out of the pool and head to the snack bar. A favorite treat my siblings and I would share was a bag of Swedish Fish. Wrinkly fingers and dripping wet hands would turn red as the fish would start to melt in our soggy hands. There is nothing like the taste of strawberry Swedish Fish and chlorine water while sitting wrapped in a towel on a hot summer day. Kate from Pennsylvania

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