Super Ropes - Rolling Red - 1 rope

Super Ropes - Rolling Red - 1 rope


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Super Ropes, Rollin' Red, each red licorice rope is individually wrapped and a whopping 34 inches long.
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American Licorice

Candy Memories

In the 1960's, My neighborhood elementary school was directly across the street from a candy store (can you believe that?? - sweet!). I would visit the store on my way home from school in the afternoon, usually twice a week before Hebrew school. We were allowed to bring snacks to Hebrew school, so Mexican Hats were always on my list to get! I can still purchase them at a nearby store, only they are now sold by the POUND! I usually bought 5 or 10 cents worth. That usually amounted to a handful. They were much chewier back then. Jill from New York
I used to get these at the skating rink when I was 14. Judith from Georgia

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Terri



Really tasty licorice, fun to eat, and great for decorating cakes, cookies, etc.


Ratings & Reviews

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