Super Bubble Gum Original - 180 piece box

Super Bubble Gum Original - 180 piece box


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Product Details

Super Bubble Gum is the great American bubble gum in the original flavor.
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Ferrara Candy Co.

Candy Memories

My love for Super Bubble Gum may have started as a child when Mother gave me a nickel and I used to walk to the candy store in town to get me some Super Bubble Gum. My dad was a carpenter and one time when I was sick, he brought home some Super Bubble Gum in his nail apron pocket.
We had a raccoon named Rickie. Rickie used to go through daddy's pockets, too... looking for peanuts. Yep, you guessed it. Rickie found my Super Bubble and he was hooked on it, too. I still am... and now I'm 63 years old. I still chew Super Bubble Gum every day and I always have some in my purse to share with others. Patricia from Arkansas
Growing up in Lynchburg, Va., we used to have Super Bubble contests back in the 60's. We would see who could get the most Super Bubble in our mouths. I once got 17 pieces-- I think the best was a friend who got 23. Scott from Alaska
Back in the 60's when I was 9, I had a small paper route. Every Friday, was collection day. On my way to get the papers, I would always stop at this one home and collect the their money. I would use that money to buy Super Bubble at the store where I got the papers and chew it all the way through my route. The fun time of my Friday. Scott from Alaska

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Monique


Super Bubble

The item was very fresh and it kept it's flavor.


Ratings & Reviews

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