Sugar Daddy - large - 1 sucker

Sugar Daddy - large - 1 sucker


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Product Details

Sugar Daddies are large milk caramel sucker that last a loooooong time. It measures 1.25 inches wide by 3.75 inches long (with the handle).
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Candy Memories

Every Saturday in the late 50s and early 60s my sisters and I and our friends who lived next door, would to the movies! First we would all pile into the candy store to load up on our goodies. I would always buy a sugar daddy because it would last me a long time watching the movie. I also bought Jujubes and rock candy which came in a small white box for a nickel. (So was the sugar daddy) One Saturday afternoon we kids got all our "Penny Candy" and ran the rest of the way to the movie. Once we got there we paid for our ticket which was 25 cents (because we were under 12. It was 50 cents over 12) As we raced down the aisle to get the best seat in the theater my friend pushed me out of the way to get that "special seat" and when he did, he pushed me right into the leg of the chair which was wrought iron! WELL, I was in so much pain it was unbearable! But I managed to eat my favorite candy and sat through the news reel, the two cartoons and the previews of coming attractions! When it was time to go home I couldn't walk at all! So my sister and my friend folded their hands together to form a "chair" and carried me all the way home. My mom took me to the doctor and found out I had a broken toe! The doctor asked me how it happened and when I told him, he was in awe that I was able to sit through it all! This is a memory I will never forget! The theater is now gone and so is the Candy store but the memories will always be with me! Joyce from Conneticut
My first memory of eating candy was a goood Sugar Daddy. I had no idea it wasn't as soft as taffy , so of course I struggled with it for a while and then mastered eating them like a pro. My grandmother would always have a big one on Easter Sunday for me. That was the only thing I looked forward to being in my Easter baskets. I still love them today and now my children do as well. LaToya from Conneticut
We had a small service station down the road from my home that sold "penny candy." I would mow lawns to get some extra money and buy my favorite candy, the Sugar Daddy. I would have enough to get several because back then they were 5 cents a piece! (and I would hoard them from my two sisters.) Clifford from New York

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: KATY KORN


SUGAR DADDY - SKU: 47030 .

Really, really, delicious candy.. the best part is the caramel flavor..so much flavor , and lasts a long time! Great item, and will certainly order more in the future !! :o)


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