Sugar Babies - 6 oz theater box

Sugar Babies - 6 oz theater box


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Product Details

Sugar Babies are delicious candy coated milk caramels.
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Charms Candy

Candy Memories

Sugar babies were my go to snack when I was pregnant with my son! It was the only thing I could keep down the ENTIRE pregnancy! I remind him every time i find them anywhere! Lisa from Illinois*
Two younger brothers, an older sister and I would spend Sunday afternoon at the local theater. Of course my sister would be seen with us boys so we three sat together. Each of us boys bought a large bag of sugar babies. We'd try to make them last throughout the entire movie. We were good at timing just how many we could eat every minute. If we had any extras left toward the end of the movie we would cram them all in our mouth and have a huge caramel wad that stuck our teeth together. That would be about the time our sister would come find us to take us home...And we knew how to make that gigantic sugar baby last all the way ...It's been over fifty years but I still count my Sugar Babies and can make them last an entire movie..... Terry from West Virginia
Slowly letting Sugar Babies dissolve before I could restrain myself no more and chewed as if this might be the last bite of my life, Chris from Kentucky

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: jessie


sugar babies

loved them


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