Sugar Babies - 1.7 oz pkg

Sugar Babies - 1.7 oz pkg

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Product Details

Sugar Babies are delicious candy coated milk caramels.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

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Charms Candy

Candy Memories

Every time I see a box of Sugar Babies it brings me back almost 40 years. My mother would pile my friends and I into her 63 Biscane station wagon and drop us off at the Main Theater to see a show. Each of our parents would give us some change to buy a snack for the movie. We would line up at the counter and view the selection, I would almost always purchase the Sugar Babies. We would watch movies like the Blob, sitting in the front row eating our candy.
I still can remember slowly eating my Sugar Babies, one-at-a-time to make them last through the movie and biting on them when frightened or anticipating. I remember the way they slowly melted in my mouth and how welcoming that sweet taste was and trying to make the last one in the box last a little longer than the rest. Cindy from Michigan
I'm the youngest of ten, so of course I was tricked every way imaginable. My sister used to always ask me to do favors, from cleaning her room to running to the store for her always promising sugar babies as my reward. I would always do the favor first, and the sugar babies were supposedly in my room waiting for me. This went on for years, a lot of years..and I always fell for it, never ever getting the sugar babies I was promised. When we grew up, we laughed about it often. One Christmas I found a five pound bag of sugar babies, wrapped it up and gave it to her..she laughed hysterically, but she loved it. GM from Arizona
I remember getting sugar babies out of the vending machine at school at recess and I'd always share my sugar babies with the horse across the street. Kathy from Texas

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