Snickers - 1.86 oz bar - box of 48

Snickers - 1.86 oz bar - box of 48

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Snickers continues to be American's favorite candy bar. OK, I admit it! This is the one I sneak out of the warehouse when no one is lookingÔæÖ please, don't tell anyone.
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Candy Memories

Ah, Snickers... a timeless American candy. When I was a kid this was my favorite Halloween candy, yet somehow I always ended up without any. Let me explain:
Each Halloween night my brother and I (the youngest in a family of seven children) would come back from Trick-or-Treating with our eyes gleaming and our stomachs growling. We would then proceed to dump our candy into individual piles in the middle of the living room floor, where we would delve into our hoard and sort it into all the different kinds of candy.
Just about this time my older brother would always appear, having gathered a small candy stash of his own. He would then proceed to throw out trade offers, convincing us that three packs of Smarties was better than a measly Snickers bar. Being young, we decided three was indeed better than one, so we would make the trade.After this continued for some time, we would look over our piles again and have nothing left but small candy while my older brother had a huge pile of Snickers and other such candy bars. It took a few years for us to realize that the number of candy items wasn't always as important as the type. I have been enjoying Snickers ever since! Suzanne from Arizona
Trick or Treating was always a special time and we looked forward to it many weeks before. Dressing up was a treat in itself. My favorite was as a fabulous Indian Princess, and the dress was a real buckskin. We were always looking for the large Snicker's candy bars and came home with several. We also collected for Unicef, and the pennies and dimes made us feel like we were contributing and having fun. Decorating our bikes was always a big contest, too. Patty from Ohio
When I was short lunch money, Powerhouse bars was my first choice, Snickers was second. Unfortunately the Powerhouse bar is no longer being made. Gary from California

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