Snickers - 1.86 oz bar

Snickers - 1.86 oz bar

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Snickers continues to be American's favorite candy bar. OK, I admit it! This is the one I sneak out of the warehouse when no one is lookingÔæÖ please, don't tell anyone.
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Mars, Inc.

Candy Memories

Snickers are the favorite candy bar of my Grandmother and she instilled a love for the candy in her grandchildren. When she would come to visit us she would bring hordes of candy, but her biggest quantity of one candy was Snickers.
Traditionally in our family they are called "Sweet Dreams" because she would place one bar under each of us children's pillows at night. When we went up to bed we dove under our pillow and come up with a Snickers that we would eat then and there in the dark, no matter if we had already brushed our teeth, we had a "sweet dream" of a Snicker! Jessica from Georgia
When I was about 5 my auntie would take me to church. About middle service, I'd lay my head in her lap and start snacking on a snickers bar. She'd have one for me every Sunday. Lord knows I still eat them. Chocolate is my middle name. Brenda from Pennsylvania
When I was a child, my Dad would bring my sisters and I candy bars. Mom didn't want us having junk food, but Dad always bought some candy bars at the store and gave them to us when he got back home. In 2010, my Dad passed away, and I will always have this fond memory of him bringing us something that we so looked forward to! Regina from Illinois

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