Snickers Almond (Mars Bar) - 1.76 oz bar - box of 24

Snickers Almond (Mars Bar) - 1.76 oz bar - box of 24

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Product Details

The Mars Bar has a new name - Snickers Almond Bar. It is a candy bar with roasted almonds, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate. The name changed in 2000.
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Mars, Inc.

Candy Memories

When I was a kid I used to see Mars Bars at our local store, but we were too poor to buy them. When I got married, both my husband and I bought them all the time, when they had a white wrapper. This was our favorite candy bar. We noticed as time went by that they were getting harder and harder to find. We did not know its name had changed to Snickers Almond. Now we look forward to having that candy bar to bring back many wonderful memories. I love almonds in the first place and this made them extra special. Thanks for bringing it back. Tresa in Minnesota
I too remember Mars Bars. They had a thick flat profile about the same ratio as a credit card. I always had to count the big almonds on top....would it be 3 or 4?? Always made it tougher to share as one would always get 'shafted' on the almonds. Hah Hah. Mike from Nebraska
My grandparents lived in a row home on a bedraggled city block. One of their neighbors was an older man who often sat on his porch and people watched. Whenever he saw me, he would go inside and return with a full size Mars bar! It was a simple gesture, but so generous and kind. I will never forget that man and the friendship we forged over Mars bars. Angel from Pennsylvania

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