Snickers Almond (Mars Bar) - 1.76 oz bar

Snickers Almond (Mars Bar) - 1.76 oz bar

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Product Details

The Mars Bar has a new name - Snickers Almond Bar. It is a candy bar with roasted almonds, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate. The name changed in 2000.
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Mars, Inc.

Candy Memories

I discovered my favorite candy bar when I was fifteen. It was the Mars Bar. I had never been a candy person, especially chocolate, but one day after successfully passing my motorcycle license driving test my dad and I rode to the local and only store in our town for what he called a "special treat".
At the time I believed that he actually had an actual treat in mind to share but since then have realized that he just wanted to be able to take a ride with his youngest son for the first time. For a few years we enjoyed often rides to the store to enjoy our "special treats" until we couldn't find them anymore. I just found your site and learned of the new name "snickers almond bars" and am excited to tell you that the next time I see my father will be day after tomorrow and I'm going to surprise him with our favorite candy! Josh in Oklahoma
I remember in 4th grade my older sister who was 14 would take me to the candy store after school. I would buy a Mars Bar everyday (which the dentist loved!). Every time I would open that brown wrapper, I would break the candy bar into 3 pieces and I would eat one piece per minute on the way home which wasn't very far (about 5 minutes). As I got older I would have them less and less. When I reached 8th grade I hardly ever had them.
Today, I looked at almost every website there is and I couldn't find a Mars Bar anywhere. Then I found this website. I had no clue that the Mars Bar was re-named Snickers Almond. I absolutely love Snickers Almond, and it always reminded me of somethingÔæÖbut I couldn't remember what. Now that I know I won't have to go searching for Mars Bars anymore! Emily in Michigan
When I was a little girl my grandmother would send me to the corner candy store to get 3 things. A pint of vanilla ice cream, a bottle of strawberry soda and a Mars bar. She'd slowly have her ice cream soda. Then after dinner she'd have her Mars bar. I asked her why. She said she saved the best for last and it helped her prepare for her week ahead. She worked 6 days a week in a bakery kitchen and this was her look forward to. Joann from Illinois

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