Smoothie - 1.6 oz pkg

Smoothie - 1.6 oz pkg

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Product Details

Smoothies are creamy peanut butter cups coated with butterscotch (no chocolate) and made by the same company that makes Mallo Cups. There are 2 cups in each package.
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Additional Information


Boyer Candy

Candy Memories

Growing up in Upstate New York, my two brothers and I were allergic to chocolate. To compensate, Gramma Holland would buy Boyer Smoothies for us. I remember excitedly unwrapping the Smoothies and competing for the highest Smoothie points on the cardboard underneath the Smoothies. We would save up the points and after we had collected 100 points, Gramma would send in the points cards and we would get free Smoothies in the mail!
After moving to New Mexico in the early 1970s, we could not get Boyer Smoothies except when we would go back to New York and visit Gramma. Sometimes when she came to visit us in New Mexico, she would bring us some Boyer Smoothies. Boyer Smoothies bring back fond memories of my brothers and sisters and of Gramma Holland. Cami from New Mexico
In the same shape as the Reeses Cup, Smoothie in my opinion, was so much better! My Sister and I would almost daily, ride our bikes or walk to a nearby store from our house and get one. I so wish now they were still around because they were truly, my favorite! Linda from North Carolina
I remember the first time I ate a Boyer Smoothie...it was on Halloween when I was 6. I was already a big fan of Mallo Cups and after a night of Trick-Or-Treating, I grabbed from my bag what I mistook for a Mallo Cup. As I began to eat it I quickly realized it was NOT a Mallo Cup...but it sure was YUMMY! After that, Smoothies became my very favorite Peanut Butter Cup candy! Jerry from Washington

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