Slo Poke - 1.5 oz bar

Slo Poke - 1.5 oz bar

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Product Details

Unfortunately Slo Poke suckers are no longer being made but this 1.5 oz bar is made from the same recipe.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

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Warrell Corp.

Candy Memories

In our neighborhood we would hunt for soda bottles, wash them, take them to the corner,store and trade for candy. 2 cents a bottle and the pops were 2 cents. Cherry was and still is my favorite. Penny candy in jars low enough for us to shop and pick enough to each have a little brown bag of candy. If we were careful we had candy for several days. Slow pokes, taffy, fire balls, Dots, and the list goes on. Judy from Maryland
I would ride my bicycle three miles each way to the store and back about once a week to buy a Slow Poke sucker. It was in the early 70's so I didn't worry about crime in those days.Back then those treats were only a nickel. They were sooo good and lasted all day if you took your time with them. They were chocolately goodness at it's best! Jean from Texas
Every Saturday morning from 5th to 8th grade, a bunch of us would go to the movies and I would get a slo-poke sucker and it would last throughout a double feature and more to go home!!! YUMMY! Sue from Florida

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