Sky Bar - 1.5 oz bar

Sky Bar - 1.5 oz bar


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Product Details

The Sky Bar is divided into four sections with four different centers which are caramel, vanilla, peanut and fudge covered in milk chocolate. Some of you will remember a similar candy bar called the Seven Up which had 7 sections. Unfortunately it is no longer made.
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Candy Memories

Somehow, Sky Bars had been completely erased from my memory banks until a recent vacation trip found me lured to a shop that specializes in old-time candies. I was wandering around the shop displays, reminiscing about Chuckles and Chunky and Dots, when my gaze fell on a box of Sky Bars. The yellow package! The red lettering! The four chocolate segments pictured on the wrapper! The images jarred long-lost memories and suddenly they all came flooding back.
How could I have forgotten going to the candy store as a young boy in New York and buying Sky Bars? How could I have forgotten the four segments, each with a different flavored filling? How could I have forgotten breaking the segments apart and eating them in ascending order of desirability, from least-favorite peanut to most-coveted fudge? Just seeing the packages started me on a wonderful boyhood trip down memory lane, a trip that became even more poignant when I bought a bar and munched my way back to my childhood. Ken from Florida
It was like having 4 candy bars in one...all the gooey flavors were so delicious. I ate it slowly to savor the goodness. Constance from Pennsylvania
As a kid, we would gather up spare change, (pennies and nickels) and head down to the corner store with my sister. We would buy the penny candy pointing through a window to each piece of candy. A few of my favorites were Bazooka Bubblegum, Wax Bottles, Mary Janes, Squirrel Nut Chews, Smarties, Candy Cigarettes and my favorite was the Sky Bar. It has 4 filled sections, fudge, vanilla, peanut and caramel. I just loved them. After spending 15 cents, we would leave the store with our little brown bag full of goodies. We thought we were in heaven. Most of the fun was enjoying our candy on the way home. This memory of my childhood stays with me, my lifetime. Darlene from New Jersey

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Lori


A Well-Enjoyed Gift

My Dad had recently been reminiscing about all the great old time candy bars that he used to enjoy as a kid and could no longer find in stores, so I bought him several Sky Bars and other retro candy he loved for a Christmas gift. He was surprised and very pleased. The only problem is that my mom keeps wanting to eat them, as well. LOL! I'll be buying more in the future. Thank you 'Old Time Candy' for making my dad's gift so special and sweet.


Ratings & Reviews

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