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Product Details

Sixlets are chocolate-flavored balls covered with candy.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

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Candy Memories

My favorite Sixlets memory goes back to 1968, when I was in the 2nd grade in a tiny town in rural Colorado. My teacher had a drawer full of penny candy in her desk drawer, and whenever a student got a 100% on any schoolwork, that child got to stay after school and pick from her drawer of candy. Oh, how hard I would work for those perfect papers! My favorite was Sixlets chocolate candy, and I would always feel around the drawer with my eyes shut, trying to pick out the Sixlets. The other types of candy were ok, but my aim was always for the Sixlets. I loved to crunch right through the candy shell to get to the chocolate.
A highlight for any child in the classroom was to get to help her fill up the drawer again when it got dangerously low. She would give one lucky child a whole dollar, and we would get to walk ALONE to the grocery store two blocks away to get 100 pieces of penny candy. When I got to go, I would always ask for more Sixlets than anything else, knowing that if I worked extra hard on my schoolwork, my reward would be those yummy little balls of chocolate! Anne from Nebraska
We lived for going to the corner store. In my kids years, I was lucky enough to live in the apartments where we had kids for days! We went biking together, played baseball in summer, football in fall, went yo the park and trekked a mile to the corner store to spend our allowance on oodles of candies. We would walk together excited about how we were going to spend our dollar allowances. The corner store, or rather deli and store, had a section by the register with all the penny candy and we'd crowd in trying to figure out just how to get more bang for your buck. I purchased Sixlets, Fireballs, Boston baked beans, bazooka, Chinese gum, sour balls and a chocolite bar. I would spend every last penny when I could. We leave the store and go behind the abandoned building with the old cement dock we'd sit on filling our faces and bragging who got the most. We couldn't wait for next week as we closed up our bags and together walked home satisfied with our purchases. We had a blast! Mallorie from Georgia
I remember when penny candy was a penny! My Mama used to drive me to a little Mom n Pop candy store and send me in with a quarter- I would pick out all sorts of treasures, sixlets were my favorite- and return to the car with them all tucked safely inside a little brown paper bag. I miss the simple times. Leigh from South Carolina

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Joni Harmon



i purchased these for a gift, and a couple for myself. they were fresh and arrived in good condition. just as good as we remembered from our childhood.

Posted by: Karen


Old Fashioned Candy Lover

I ordered many different items from Old Time Candy for a friends birthday basket. It was so fun finding all of the old candies we ate growing up and giving them to her. An excellent gift idea, and everything was so fresh when it arrived. So much fun!! I recommend everyone take a trip down memory lane! Thank Old Time Candy....I will for sure be back! Karen from Phoenix


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