Bulk Satellite Wafers

Satellite Wafers - Bulk

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Satellite Wafers - 0.85 oz container (18 ct)
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Satellite Wafers - 120 ct bulk bag
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Satellite Wafers - 3000 ct bulk case
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Product Details

We called them Flying Saucers but others say they are Satellite Wafers. Either way they are colored wafers filled with tasty little candy balls of various colors. The container is a Saf-T-Fresh plastic tub which is resealable and recyclable. Bulk candy counts are approximated.
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Nutritional Information:

Sugar Pearls [Sugar, Water, Glazing Agents (Beeswax, Vegetable Coconut Oil), Colours: FD&C Yellow No 6, FD&C Blue No 2, Flavourings], Corn Starch, Colours: FD&C Yellow No 6, FD&C Red No 40, FD&C Blue No 2.


Bulk Satellite Wafers

Candy Memories

These were these wafer-like candies that were filled with little round candies. We used to serve them to each other, pretending we were priests serving Holy Communion. We even recited in Latin the appropriate words as we giggled. We felt grown up since we were too young to have made our communions and the candy was so good! Karen from Illinois
Going into a local mom/pop store with candy in big glass bottles andbehind a glass counter. There sat satellite wafers and I was intrigued, Tried one and was hooked. But the rock candy & jujube's were interesting as well. Still loved the satellites! Linda from Virginia
The neighborhood pharmacy had a candy counter to rival any general store. Always wanting the biggest bang for our buck, we'd buy penny candy. And flying saucers. The two little wafers, joined together with hard, colored, candy sprinkles inside. There were as many ways to consume one of these, as there are to eat an Oreo. Being in a Catholic neighborhood, some of us pretended they were communion. We'd chew all along the outside edge, until there were just two pieces. After consuming the sprinkles, we'd stick a wafer on our tongue and suck till it stuck to the roof of our mouths. That's goodness to an 8 year old. And for the price of 10 cents, you could have a whole little bag of them, and enjoy them for a whole day. Ahh, memories. Pam from Massachusetts

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