Root Beer Barrels - Sugar-Free - Bulk

Root Beer Barrels - Sugar-Free - Bulk

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Root Beer Barrels - sugar-free - 2 lb bulk bag (134 ct)
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Root Beer Barrels - sugar-free - 5 lb bulk case (335 ct)
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Product Details

A sugar-free version of the Individually wrapped I.B.C. root beer flavored hard candy in the shape of a barrel. Bulk counts are approximated.
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Additional Information

Nutritional Information:

Polyglycitol Syrup, Isomalt, Artificial Flavor, Red 40, Blue 1 & Yellow 6 And Sucralose.


Manufactured On Equipment Used To Process Dairy, Peanut, Almond, Walnut, Pecan, Nutmeg, And Soy Protein. Note: Excessive Consumption May Cause Laxative Effect. Produced with Genetic Engineering.


Bulk Root Beer Barrels Sugar Free

Candy Memories

I remember when I was about 6 and my Uncle Mike was the fire chief in our local town... every day after my mom would come home, I'd have her watch me run up to the fire station where he'd be working and I'd make fire truck noises the best I could.. the dogs always got a kick out of it because they would go around in circles. I'd run up to him and tug his trouser leg and hold my hand out and he would reach both hands into his pocket and he would bring them out and hold them in front of him.... "which hand" he would say... and id always smack both and say "this one Uncle Mikie" and to my enjoyment he'd always give me both pieces of delicious IBC Root Beer candy. Sometimes he'd sit me up on the fire truck while I ate my IBC candy and would let my "drive" the truck. ~ Christopher from North Carolina

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