Root Beer Barrels - 7 oz container

Root Beer Barrels - 7 oz container (28 ct)


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Product Details

Individually wrapped root beer flavored hard candy in the shape of a barrel that is 1 inch long. They are packed in a Saf-T-Fresh plastic tub which is resealable and recyclable. This 7 oz container holds roughly 28 pieces.
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Additional Information

Nutritional Information:

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Artificial Flavor and Red 40, Blue 1 & Yellow 6.


Manufactured In A Facility That Processes Peanuts. Produced with Genetic Engineering.


Bulk Root Beer Barrels

Candy Memories

I would collect pop bottles and walk 2 1/2 miles (one being a dirt road) to a one street town called Linden Pa. just to spend a penny for two root beer barrels. (two for a penny) Diane from Ohio
When I was a kid, root beer barrels fixed everything! They were such a special treat to me...and still are. We drove across the country as a family several summers in a row, and my dad would keep a secret stash of root beer barrels in the car for me. When I was sick or hurt, he'd pull a few root beer barrels out of his pocket. At my high school graduation, he tucked a root beer barrel inside a jewelry box, alongside a special necklace. Before my father passed away, we sat together and shared a few root beer barrels. Still now, whether I'm having a special treat alone, or sharing them with my own children, root beer barrels always bring a smile to my face! Amy from California
I remember walking with you to Queen of Angels every Saturday and stopping off at Bi Rite Market for Candy. They had so many choices of candy. Candy necklaces, Wicks Chocolate, Hershey's, Root beer Barrel and many more. Lorraine from California

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Marianne



One of my husband's faves - so root beer-y!!!!! Hard to find anywhere else.


Ratings & Reviews

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