Red Vines Original Red Twists - 3.5 lb jar

Red Vines Original Red Twists - 3.5 lb jar

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Product Details

America's favorite licorice twists or is that Twizzlers? The battle continues. A 3.5 lb jar contains about 420 pieces.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

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American Licorice

Candy Memories

I am the oldest of three children. My two younger brothers would always tag team to steal whatever candy was brought into the house before I could get any. One thing I will remember is my grandmother. Grandma would tell how she loved Red Vine and ate it as a child.
My grandmother and I were always very close and so of course I wanted to be like my grandma and eat Red Vine as well. I remember Grandma bringing over a huge tub of Red Vine for the first time, but we couldn't have any till after supper. I went to school and then band practice, and ran straight home. I remember crying my heart out when I arrived home from practice and the tub was empty. I'll never forget the look on my brothers faces when Grandma came from the living room holding another tub. This one is for us, she said. It became our special treat from then on.
Now I am 26 with three children of my own and my Grandmother is still alive. We hadn't thought of Red Vine for years since you just don't see it anymore, till last night I saw a Law and Order and there on the desk was a tub of Red Vine Licorice!! So I got online and saw I can order Red Vine. I can't wait for my first shipment to arrive so I can bring my children to my grandmother and we can all continue the tradition of enjoying a great American product. Thanks for all the great memories and for all those yet to come. Patricia from Iowa

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