Red Hots - 0.9 oz box

Red Hots - 0.9 oz box

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Product Details

Red Hots are small hot cinnamon flavored candies that are sometimes called cinnamon imperials.
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Ferrara Candy Co.

Candy Memories

When I was a little girl my Dad and I used to have Red Hot eating contests to see who could hold the most in their mouth at a time! We would start with one and then move to two and so on. I think we hit twenty-one and that was it, I mean I was only like seven, and my mouth couldn't hold anymore or I know I would have won !!
Today I am thirty and my Daddy is still here and we still when we find these candies buy hem all up and have our contest!! Now my mouth is bigger and I might stand a chance but thus far I haven't had any luck!! Dad is still pretty good when it comes to those taste buds and I don't know how he does it but I know it is something that I will always remember. Doreen from New Jersey
My Cousin and I were staying with our Grandparents and we were laying in bed trying to see which one of us could old the most Red Hots in our mouths, we both our mouths full and I had to sneeze and red hots went all over our Grannys wall, floors everywhere, ir was funny trying to see us get everything cleaned before the next morning, We will never forget that and how hard we laughed all night, Priceless. Crystal from Tennessee

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