Razzles Original - 1.4 oz pkg

Razzles Original - 1.4 oz pkg


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Product Details

Razzles, first it's a candy and then it's a gum! The original fruit flavors are: Lemon, Raspberry, Grape, Orange and Blueberry.
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Concord Confections

Candy Memories

Oh dear sweetness you have Razzles! I came across your site while thinking back to my childhood and as soon as I saw you had this chalky gum my eyes lit up. I haven't had these since my mother and I would go to Fay's drug stores after church. As she would shop I would peruse the candy section up and down bypassing everything in search of those Razzles. I could never wait to get in the car to eat them up. It is so nice to see that yesteryear can be shared again. Bless you folks!!! Mike from Texas
Love Love Love my razzles! Walking home from grammar school and getting to stop by the liquor store . Too funny how kids nowadays don't know what they are. I love sharing the experience with them. Candy into gum ! Rita from California

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: KW


I like candy.....

You would think a whole package would last a while. Nope. Only bought 2 packs and had to keep grabbing them back. Always a problem when they get eaten them like candy, even after they turn into gum. Practice your "It's a candy. No! It's a gum." arguments...


Ratings & Reviews

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