Silly Stix Straws - 2.75 oz bag
Silly Stix Straws
Silly Stix Straws - 2.75 oz bag - box of 24
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Silly Stix Straws - 2.75 oz bag

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These taste just like the now discontinued Pixy Stix. These Silly Stix Straws include tropical punch, orange, cherry, and grape. The 2.75 oz bags contain approximately 40 candy powder filled stix. Each piece is approximately 6 inches long.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Yoon H. (Cincinnati, OH, US)
Just like the original

Shipping was quick. Product was what we expected.

Sandra K. (Bullhead City, AZ, US)
Silly straws

I have ate half the bag. Those were one of my favorite but seems they use to be sour


Love the sour/sweet taste

Leanne (Boardman, OR, US)

Love the sour/sweet taste

Tammy (Boardman, OR, US)

Could be cheaper at other companies


Couldn’t find it anywhere else

Sarah (Boardman, OR, US)

Couldn’t find it anywhere else

Danielle B. (Freeport, NY, US)
After taste

I didn’t like them because it tasted like it had an after taste and I didn’t like the flavors either.

Bucky (Essex Junction, VT, US)
Not the exact same as Pixy Stix, but I'm picky

As a product in itself, there is nothing wrong with Silly Stix, and it's extremely affordable. As a replacement for Pixy Stix however, unfortunately they do not meet the mark.

Pixy Stix have and always will be my all time favorite candy. I am not a chocolate person and there isnt a whole lot I like candy wise. I just really love powdered candies and lollies for the most part. But I'm hearing Pixy Stix are being discontinued and I have what I believe is likely to be my last bag ever. I found these and wanted to see if they truly did taste the same.

Visually, they are obviously extremely similar. However the big difference is the taste in that Silly Stix are not sour at all like Pixy Stix are. Silly Stix are much sweeter. I would say the grape is very similar to the powder in grape Baby Bottle Pops; likewise, the cherry flavor is similar to cherry FunDip. Both of these are perfectly fine flavors...that are meant to be combined with lollipops/candy sticks. It's a pretty overwhelming amount of sweetness and artificial flavor when you dump a bunch of it on your tongue. The orange flavor is very orange-y and sweet, and the tropical punch is fine, just very sweet and not sour at all. Pixy Stix have a level of sourness that isn't present with this candy

It should also be noted that Pixy Stix are made with dextrose, maltodextrin, and citric acid (among other flavors) and Silly Stix are made with dextrose, *sugar*, and citric acid (among other stuff). I would assume this is the main reason for the big flavor difference.

I understand they obviously can't just steal the exact recipe and sell it as their own, I'm just pointing out these differences for other people looking to replace their favorite pixy stix. I have both candies as of right now so I can tell the difference very easily. If you haven't had them in several years it might not matter as much to you as it does to me.

It seems a bit harsh to give it 3 stars I feel, since I appreciate what this place is trying to do, but I just wanted to be honest.

Sandy G. (Powell, WY, US)

It was just what we wanted. Thank you!

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