PEEPS Chick Tin - 1 oz
PEEPS Chick Tin - 1 oz
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PEEPS Chick Tin - 1 oz

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PEEPS fans are going to love these! Each tin is 3 inches long and 2.5 inches tall. Inside you’ll find bag of chick-shaped sugar candies.
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Peeps are marshmallow candies primarily in the shape of chicks, bunnies, and other animals such as ducks that are used to fill Easter baskets. Just Born, the manufacturer, has expanded Peeps to include Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Peeps History

Peeps candy has a fascinating history that spans over several decades. Let's take a journey through the story behind these iconic marshmallow treats.

Peeps were first created in the 1950s by a candy manufacturer called Just Born, Inc., based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. The original concept for Peeps was to create a marshmallow candy in the shape of baby chicks, perfect for celebrating Easter.

The first Peeps were hand-squeezed from a marshmallow mixture and then carefully hand-painted to give them their signature bright yellow color. They were an instant hit, capturing the hearts of consumers with their adorable shape and sweet taste.

Over the years, Peeps expanded beyond the classic chick shape and introduced various other shapes and flavors to coincide with different holidays. Peeps became a staple treat for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and other seasonal celebrations. Some popular shapes include bunnies, pumpkins, hearts, and even themed shapes like ghosts and snowmen.

In the 1980s, Just Born began using automated production techniques to meet the growing demand for Peeps. This allowed them to produce the candy more efficiently and in larger quantities, making Peeps even more accessible to candy lovers nationwide.

In addition to their original yellow color, Peeps now come in a wide range of colors and flavors, including pink, blue, purple, and even special edition flavors like cotton candy and birthday cake. Just Born has continued to innovate and introduce new variations of Peeps to keep up with changing consumer preferences and seasonal demands.

Peeps have become a cultural phenomenon, not only as a popular candy but also as a symbol of springtime and holiday traditions. They are often used in creative ways, such as decorating cakes and desserts, crafting dioramas, and even participating in Peeps-themed contests and events.

In recent years, Peeps have expanded beyond their marshmallow form and ventured into other confectionery products, including flavored marshmallow chicks dipped in chocolate, Peeps cereal, and even Peeps-flavored coffee creamer.

The enduring appeal of Peeps lies in their whimsical charm, sugary sweetness, and nostalgic associations with holidays and childhood memories. They have become a beloved treat enjoyed by people of all ages and continue to bring joy and smiles to candy enthusiasts around the world.

Whether you enjoy them fresh, stale, or even microwaved, Peeps have become an iconic part of the candy landscape and a symbol of festive fun and sweet indulgence.

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