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Important, please read: This candy changes with the weather. In cold, dry weather it will be quite crisp or chewy. In warm weather it will be soft. However, crisp, chewy or soft, this candy is fresh and tasty!

Occasionally, we get questions from customers about the texture of their candy. The weather and humidity definitely affect Marshmallow Cones. They usually start hard and dry, because the candy is dried in a hot room so they will not stick to the packing line as they are being wrapped. After the Marshmallow Cones are packed, they reach equilibrium with their environment and they soften. This process occurs at different speeds depending on the time of year. In the winter or in very low humidity, the texture of the candy can vary from crisp/hard to tough and chewy. In the summer or in very high humidity, the marshmallow tends to be soft.

We have some customers who prefer them hard and others who like them soft. To soften them during the winter you can try putting them in the microwave for a few seconds or leaving them in a warm (preferably humid) room for a few days. However, it is difficult to soften them in the winter time -- this is just the nature of the candy as the manufacturer still use the same recipe as when they were first made in 1936!

If by chance you get a hard or chewy Marshmallow Cone, it is not stale – it just has not softened or it is a cold and/or dry time of year. And they are still tasty!

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