Cherry Cordials by Brach's - 6.6 oz box
Cherry Cordials by Brach's - 6.6 oz box
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Cherry Cordials by Brach's - 6.6 oz box

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Cherry Cordials are milk chocolate covered, maraschino cherries in a creamy fondant. When made by Brach's you know they are good. There are 10 per box and each cordial is over 1 inch in diameter.
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Cherry Cordials History

Cherry cordials are a type of candy that consist of a whole maraschino cherry that is encased in a sugar syrup and then covered in chocolate. The history of cherry cordials can be traced back to the early 18th century when maraschino cherries were first produced in Croatia.

The cherries were originally preserved in a liqueur made from the juice of the marasca cherry, which is a variety of sour cherry. The liqueur was called Maraschino and was prized for its sweet and slightly bitter flavor.

In the early 19th century, maraschino cherries were introduced to the United States, where they quickly became popular as a garnish for cocktails and desserts. In the late 1800s, candy makers began experimenting with the cherries, using them as a center for a new type of candy.

The first known recipe for cherry cordials appeared in "The Complete Confectioner" by Frederick Nutt, published in 1844. The recipe called for the cherries to be coated in a sugar syrup, then dipped in chocolate.

Over the years, the recipe for cherry cordials has been adapted and modified by candy makers around the world. Today, cherry cordials are a popular candy that can be found in many stores and candy shops, especially around the holiday season. They are often given as gifts or used as a festive decoration on dessert tables.

Cherry Cordials are only available during Christmas. If out of stock, please consider Cella's Chocolate Covered Cherries which are available all year long.

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