Assorted BB Bats
BB Bats - assorted - 4.7 oz bag
BB Bats - Assorted - 3.5 lb Plastic Tub
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BB Bats - Assorted Taffy Suckers - Bulk


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Old fashioned taffy pops first produced in the 1920's. They are available in 4 flavors which are banana, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Each one is roughly 2.5 long by 7/8 of an inch wide. The plastic, reusable tub measures over 7 inches high, 8 inches wide and 5 inches deep. The mouth is 4.5 inches in diameter. Use it over and over again, filled with your favorites.

Bulk candy counts are approximated.
3 lb bag - 114
4.7 oz bag - 12
3.5 lb plastic tub - 135

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