Popcorn Balls

Popcorn Balls - Original - 1 piece

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Product Details

Old fashioned popcorn balls that are 3 inches in diameter.
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Candy Memories

In 1947, when I was seven years old we moved again. The first house I remember was on a farm, I was three. Then we moved to a house my father bought. It was a tiny cape cod and I loved it. It burned one day and we had to move. I didn't want to but who cares what a seven year old thinks?
I wanted to hate the new place but it was hard since it was in the city and across the street was a movie theatre. I remember going to my first movie there and I was given a popcorn ball. It was wrapped in shiny red cellophane and it was enormous. It was all for me- by myself! I don't remember what the movie was but I certainly remember that popcorn ball.
Every time there was a candy choice which included them, guess which I chose? The popcorn ball was held together by a carmelish sweet stuff which stuck to my hands each time I had one even after the popcorn was gone I could lick my fingers for a long time. Maybe moving wasn't such a bad thing to do after all. Alice from West Virginia
When I was a child we use to go to a small store where I would get flat round popcorn balls. I would get them once a month when my parents shopped. Wanda from Colorado

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