Pop Rocks - cherry - 0.33 oz pkg - 1 piece

Pop Rocks - cherry - 0.33 oz pkg - 1 piece


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Product Details

Pop Rocks is popping candy that explodes in your mouth.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

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Pop Rocks

Candy Memories

I loved pop rocks growing up! Nothing was more fun than tearing open a packet and dumping the whole thing in my mouth than chewing a little and feeling the sensation of them popping! Sometimes when I opened my mouth they would actually pop all the way out! It was always funny how they would turn your tongue colors too! If only time machines were real..... Kathy from Nevada
Oh my gosh...where to begin thinking and talking about my beloved Pop Rocks! My friends and I just loved these, even spent our lunch money on these instead of lunch at school. Not a good idea I know, but what can I say? We had to have our fix of Pop Rocks! Not only did we love the taste (Cherry is my favorite), but we would open our mouths to see if we could see them jumping around! Usually we would laugh so hard and half would fall out of our mouths. But we didn't care, we always had more! We would also put some in our mouth and take a drink of soda....WOW!!!! What fun!! Pop Rocks bring back so many memories. Sighhhhh........... Michelle from Kentucky
My mom giving me pop rocks when I was little and not telling me what they do. Being so scared when they started popping. Of course I did the same thing to my kids. Farrah from Michigan*

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Karen


Old Fashioned Candy Lover

I ordered many different items from Old Time Candy for a friends birthday basket. It was so fun finding all of the old candies we ate growing up and giving them to her. An excellent gift idea, and everything was so fresh when it arrived. So much fun!! I recommend everyone take a trip down memory lane! Thank Old Time Candy....I will for sure be back! Karen from Phoenix


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